The Yagnob river is a part of the Zeravshan river basin. It is 130 km long and is referred administratively to Aini district of Sughd region. The river originates in a high-mountain valley of the same name situated between the Southern slope of the Zeravshan range and Northern slope of the Hissar range. In the upper reaches of the Yagnob river… READ ARTICLE

Information letter about the conduction of a practical conference on the preservation and development issues of Yagnob valley: “Ancient Sogdiana: Past, Present and Future” which will be held on 18 – 19 October 2007 in Dushanbe… DOWNLOAD


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  1. Историческое место расселения ягнобцев — долина реки Ягноб и её притока Куль на юге Согдийской области Таджикистана .

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